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Journey Through Cataclysm is an itty bitty installment on my blog where I’ll post and share my favorite screenshots.  Candid photos, raids in action, even photo ops set up on purpose or beautiful views tweaked in photoshop! I’ll be sharing them one at a time; hopefully you’ll enjoy them, too. 🙂 Deepholm, outside Throne of […]

  Cataclysm is less than two days away!!  I’ve been prepping for the new expansion by farming Justice Points for heroic level gear and heirlooms for my Worgen alt, hoarding cooking rewards, and having dailies ready to be turned in when I log in at midnight (one of few perks to living in the midwest, […]

Yup, I’m posting from my new blackberry curve! Trying to see if I like mobile blogging at all ~ if I do, I might make a keitai (cellphone) blog over at 🙂 We’ll see!  Gonna tag these posts from my PC as “mobile” for anyone’s future reference~ Work has been fun so far. Coworkers […]

As noted in the title, this is a post about Blizzard’s World of Warcraft.  If these sort of posts aren’t of interest to you, feel free to skip. I’ve played WoW on the Aggramar server since December 24, 2004.  Granted, I’ve server transferred a couple of times in the recent year, but Aggy is definitely […]

With the announcement of Cataclysm, my boyfriend Jonathan, our friend Lanny, and myself (along with many other friends!) decided to dive back into the game again. Jonathan finds PvP a lot more appealing than PvE since it’s not as strict on his schedule and time spent in game, so we’ll probably be doing some 3v3s […]

Blizzcon 2009!!


Oh my goodness, this year’s Blizzcon was a blast!!! For those that don’t know, it’s a convention that the video game company Blizzard holds for its fans (and publicity!) in Anaheim, California. This was my second year going! However, getting to California was absolute hell… at least on the first day of trying. Since my […]

…and I have sooo much to udpate on! 5 day cruise, our travel fiasco, 2 days of Blizzcon, and then alllll of the stuff to talk about that happened at Blizzcon. I also have a couple things in my extra personal life to mention, too. So I’m sorry ahead of time because this post will […]

I need to make more of a habit out of updating this thing, lol! Sorry 😦 Well, today is the first day of the beautiful month of May (not biased at all!!) thus World of Warcraft’s Children’s Week has started.  It’s one of the more roleplay oriented Holidays WoW has, since it’s purpose is to […]