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Yup, I’m posting from my new blackberry curve! Trying to see if I like mobile blogging at all ~ if I do, I might make a keitai (cellphone) blog over at 🙂 We’ll see!  Gonna tag these posts from my PC as “mobile” for anyone’s future reference~ Work has been fun so far. Coworkers […]

Almost two weeks have passed since my last post.  Don’t worry, I’m not gonna backtrack and post all of my workouts since then.  I actually don’t have much to add, because since I started my new job, I haven’t really had the ability or time to work out on the days that I was scheduled!  […]

Hey all!  Hope everyone’s had a good week!  Mine’s pretty fantastic, even with the incident with my grandmother.  She’s doing a lot better now, by the way!  Nothing too serious, just a cracked rib and the shoulder she had rotatorcuff surgery on is pretty much shot.  She’s just a diabetic who doesn’t really take care […]

Today (technically yesterday… whatever!) was Lady Gaga’s birthday!  If you’re a little monster, it was truly a magical day for all of us.  She read our birthday message, she watched the YouTube video some little monsters helped create, she tweeted, she talked to us on the site… it was truly amazing. I can’t even begin […]

Thanksgiving was good this year, though a bit nerve-wracking at first.  My family had dinner on Wednesday, then we were going to go to Jonathan’s grandpa’s house the actual day of Thanksgiving.  Well, we were going to take one of my family’s recipes (Asparagus Casserole).  We made it, I went to go take a shower […]