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Yup, I’m posting from my new blackberry curve! Trying to see if I like mobile blogging at all ~ if I do, I might make a keitai (cellphone) blog over at 🙂 We’ll see!  Gonna tag these posts from my PC as “mobile” for anyone’s future reference~ Work has been fun so far. Coworkers […]

Almost two weeks have passed since my last post.  Don’t worry, I’m not gonna backtrack and post all of my workouts since then.  I actually don’t have much to add, because since I started my new job, I haven’t really had the ability or time to work out on the days that I was scheduled!  […]

Hey all!  Hope everyone’s had a good week!  Mine’s pretty fantastic, even with the incident with my grandmother.  She’s doing a lot better now, by the way!  Nothing too serious, just a cracked rib and the shoulder she had rotatorcuff surgery on is pretty much shot.  She’s just a diabetic who doesn’t really take care […]

Week 1 Weigh-In


Updating for Sunday since I didn’t get around to it yesterday. Yesterday was my first official weigh-in for the BlizzCon weight loss.  I lost 2 lbs!  So I’m down to 155. 🙂 Workout of the Day – 4/11/10 Warm-Up (Three rounds): 15 sit-ups 15 back extensions 15 squats 15 120lb assisted pull-ups 15 120lb assisted […]

Courtesy of this thread on the BlizzCon forums, a bandwagon of blogging and weight loss has started, and I figured I’d join in.  It’s convenient since I’m just back in the game from a 5 day break… on Monday, I got 4 wisdom teeth removed, and today was the first day I was up to […]

If you’ve been blogging for any extended period of time at all, you’ve probably seen this before.  I decided to start doing “Things I Love Thursday”  to help be more consistent with my blogging.  It’s really strange considering when I was on LJ “back in the day”, I’d update multiple times a day sometimes, not […]

I hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day was lovely!!  Whether it be celebrating it with the love of your life, or taking it as a day to celebrate the love for yourself, I hope you took full advantage of this wonderful holiday. 🙂 If you can’t tell… it’s one of my favorites, obviously, haha!  I’ve loved it […]

Still really haven’t had time to take pictures. I’ve been sleeping 12+ hours at a time regardless of when I go to bed, sometimes even needing naps on top of that. I don’t know what’s wrong… my first instinct is to blame the anti-depressant I’m on since it’s supposed to make me drowsy anyway (it’s […]