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I already shared this in my previous post, but I figured it was worthy enough to have its own post. This is completely tentative and really only for my benefit, but feel free to butt in to meet-up or comment about other gatherings, etc to let me know in case I forgot about them. Edit: […]

My flight to BlizzCon is officially 20 days away. Where did the time go? It’s so hard to believe that it’s already here! Coscom is booming with progress pictures and the BlizzCon forums are being attacked with “Where’s my barcode?” questions. Ahh, Blizzcon season… gotta love it, yes? 😛 Everything is falling into place. Traveling […]

Courtesy of this thread on the BlizzCon forums, a bandwagon of blogging and weight loss has started, and I figured I’d join in.  It’s convenient since I’m just back in the game from a 5 day break… on Monday, I got 4 wisdom teeth removed, and today was the first day I was up to […]

Today (technically yesterday… whatever!) was Lady Gaga’s birthday!  If you’re a little monster, it was truly a magical day for all of us.  She read our birthday message, she watched the YouTube video some little monsters helped create, she tweeted, she talked to us on the site… it was truly amazing. I can’t even begin […]

Blizzcon 2009!!


Oh my goodness, this year’s Blizzcon was a blast!!! For those that don’t know, it’s a convention that the video game company Blizzard holds for its fans (and publicity!) in Anaheim, California. This was my second year going! However, getting to California was absolute hell… at least on the first day of trying. Since my […]

…and I have sooo much to udpate on! 5 day cruise, our travel fiasco, 2 days of Blizzcon, and then alllll of the stuff to talk about that happened at Blizzcon. I also have a couple things in my extra personal life to mention, too. So I’m sorry ahead of time because this post will […]

I made a livejournal, again. I’m still tweaking its appearance. I’m not entirely sure which software to use for my blogs… LJ attracts me because of its communities, userpics, and customization. WordPress is more “grown up,” let’s me track my views and pings, and it would be the easiest to transfer to a domain when/if […]

I just wanted to do a quick update. Jon and I have been busy watching Season 7 of 24, Magic, him working, me trying to make money and costumes.. blah blah blah! I got tickets for Jonathan and I to Blizzcon 2009! I’ll be going in costume this year, too, as I said before. I […]