The Blog

This blog was created originally for the “101 Things in 1001 Days” challenge, which I’ve trailed very far away from and failed at miserably *hangs head in shame*.  As I said before, now its focus is my personal life in general along with my interests. Now that you’ve read a little about me, you can imagine what that is! Gaming will more than likely be the subjects of my posts, mostly focusing on World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, and Starcraft 2. Of course other games will be talked about, but these are my main ones! I’ve recently been accepted as part of Apotheosis Agency’s team; I haven’t had the chance to work with them yet, but with how close they work with Cryptozoic, I’m in the process of becoming a master at the WoW TCG. You’ve already heard about my background and interest with mental health. I’m also starting to finally dip into the waters of the Cosplay world, so expect brainstorming, progress, photodumping, etc of my Cosplay adventures and anything related!

The Games

World of Warcraft: I raid, I level alts, I make moneys, I do pvp, and I absolutely love achievements. 😉 I’m a healer at heart, so how2heal and rage over bad DPS is probably what you’ll see from me the most often.

Starcraft 2: I play Protoss! I haven’t put too much effort into my own account, but in the beta I played at the Platinum level which would’ve been the equivalent to today’s Diamond. On my boyfriend’s account, I played at the current game’s Platinum level. I prefer 2v2s and dislike 1v1 (mostly since my 1v1 play is terrible, honestly). I’m a Huskateer so naturally Huskyis my favorite commentator (Day9 is a very close second), and WhiteRa or HuK would have to be my favorite pros.

Magic: The Gathering: I’ve been playing Magic for ~2+ years. Type 2/Standard was my favorite type of Magic to play, but with sets rotating out of Extended and having more experience with drafting, Standard is losing its place as number one.


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