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Hello there!  You’ve somehow stumbled upon this blog one way or another, and you may be curious what goes on here.  It’s basically a personal blog that belongs to me, Megan, where I write about all of my interests and some of my personal life.  Hopefully after reading this, you’ll have a pretty good idea what I write about and most questions will be answered (if you had any in the first place!).


As I said, my name’s Megan and I’m 21 years old, living in Missouri, US.  I currently live at home with my family and boyfriend (and our 6 dogs – 3 of my mom’s, 3 of ours); we all help each other out, and it makes living in this miserable economy more manageable with the constant company of family!  I’m going to school part-time, soon to be full-time, working on an Associate’s in either Psychology or Computer Science.  I plan on joining the Air Force as an officer after I get my Bachelor’s, pursuing one of these fields as long as the ASVAB permits me to do so 😉 I work part-time at a movie theatre which has its good and bad days, but it’s a job so I try not to complain too much!  And hey, free movies is always an awesome thing! (I also work at Gamestop for the season every year, which I thoroughly enjoy).

I do suffer from a couple rather severe anxiety disorders (generalized and social) alongside a body dysmorphic disorder. I didn’t used to be so open about my problems, specifically when I got diagnosed, but I’ve gotten more comfortable with it (comfortable is the wrong word… “accepting”, I should say). Mental health is very important to me; I find it extremely intriguing (if you couldn’t tell by the interest in pursuing a Psychology degree!) and I feel the better you understand it, the better you understand yourself and others around you, making life easier to deal with. I have been brutally attacked and flamed as a result of my openness, since apparently mental disorders are easy targets to attack people with, and while most of the time my gut instinct is to wall up, that defeats the purpose. Please feel free to ask any questions you have about my disorders; I encourage it.

My Profiles

  • Tumblr — I don’t use this very often anymore, but it’s a fun place to photodump cute pictures or other things I find that I like.
  • Formspring — Ask me questions! Feel free to ask anything, including about my disorders, etc
  • Last.fm — What I’m listening to lately; also the easiest way for you to get a handle on my music tastes.
  • Twitter — Follow me!

More to come.


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