What To Wear: Cataclysm Pre-Raid Discipline Gear List



Farewell, beautiful Dalaran.

Farewell, beautiful Dalaran.

Cataclysm is less than two days away!!  I’ve been prepping for the new expansion by farming Justice Points for heroic level gear and heirlooms for my Worgen alt, hoarding cooking rewards, and having dailies ready to be turned in when I log in at midnight (one of few perks to living in the midwest, I suppose!).  I’ve also made a gear list / spreadsheet for my disc priest, my main, for the gear I’ll be shooting for heading in to the beginning Cataclysm raids.

I’ve made the following list keeping in mind the following priority on stats:

  1. Intellect, intellect, intellect: get as much as possible
  2. Spirit: only items with spirit should be considered
  3. Haste, Crit, Mastery: one isn’t better than the other for Disc, so aim for a balance

With that said, onto the list! 🙂











Finger 1

Finger 2

Trinket 1

Trinket 2

Main Hand

Held-In-Off Hand



Minus a couple reputation rewards, this is what I’m gonna be shooting for once I hit level 85! Please don’t take this as the end all be all; if you’re a lost little disco looking for a gear list to check out, then feel free to use mine as a guide, but don’t be surprised if you’re a veteran disco like me and your list looks a bit different. 🙂 Feel free to share any input! Good luck with everyone’s Cataclysm prep!


3 Responses to “What To Wear: Cataclysm Pre-Raid Discipline Gear List”

  1. All you really need for a “discipline” outfit is leather chaps and a whip.

    -Mayo 😉

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