BlizzCon Schedule


I already shared this in my previous post, but I figured it was worthy enough to have its own post. This is completely tentative and really only for my benefit, but feel free to butt in to meet-up or comment about other gatherings, etc to let me know in case I forgot about them.

Edit: Blizzard released the official BlizzCon schedule. Click here to view it.
BlizzCon Schedule

· 10:30am-ish: Arrive in L.A. and meet up with Preston.
· Check-in to the hotel, claim bed, get settled, and find noms.
· 8-10pm: Pick up badges – aka as late as possible to avoid lines.
· 7pm: Cosplay Meet Up!
· 7am: Wake up to do cosplay prep and help Chad/Heather with theirs.
· Noms breakfast at some point.
· 10:30am: Go to ACC. No lines, walk straight in.
· Con it up. Harass booths. Cosplay contest, photoshoot, etc.
· 9pm: AIMCON Dinner. Drinking. Friend hang out time. Let’s do this.
· Don’t wake up at 8am. Noms. Still walk right in avoiding the lines.
· Con it up. Harass booths, specifically Razer, Intel, Cryptozoic (as much as I want to avoid that place like the plague), etc.
· 9pm: Pre-pre-screening for at 9pm – drinks!
· Pre-screening at 10pm. Head to the Hilton After-party around midnight, perhaps?
· Add more nomming in there at some point and more drinking and having a good time.

· Wake up around 10am.
· Disneyland? Not sure on the status of this yet.
· Noms, venture around if Disney.
· Noms, go to airport and go home if no Disney.


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