BlizzCon and Cosplay


My flight to BlizzCon is officially 20 days away. Where did the time go? It’s so hard to believe that it’s already here! Coscom is booming with progress pictures and the BlizzCon forums are being attacked with “Where’s my barcode?” questions. Ahh, Blizzcon season… gotta love it, yes? 😛

Everything is falling into place. Traveling plans wise, at least. My mom offered to pay for our hotel costs (Jonathan and I that is) so that allowed me to actually purchase tickets to Los Angeles on United! It’s been quite a while since I’ve had guaranteed seats on a plane… I’ll probably still be stressing out about space available! lol My mom did it to give us peace of mind, too, so go figure. 🙂 We did have to purchase one ticket from a scalper for one of us in the group, and I’m rather worried about that, too. Hopefully they are a decent human being. :\

Sunday is the only day kind of up in the air for BlizzCon. If my group actually decides to go to Disneyland ($75 for one-day, eek) and Jon & I decide to tag along, that affects how long we’ll be in California. If not, we get to come home early and enjoy extra days off from the responsibilities of life while enjoying the comforts of home. 🙂

Ysera is still in the works. With work (which is still going well, by the way), school (which is going swimmingly), and just never finding myself with the extra money to put into the costume, she’s still in the planning stages, essentially. I decided I’d make a to-do list and just go down the list to help streamline the process of finishing her.

To Do List:

Construct horns
– wire mesh, expanding foam, paperclay/papermache
Mold and cast gems
– resin, sclupey, LEDs
Construct top
– velvet, beading, craft foam (or leather if time and $ permits)
Construct gloves
– velvet, craft foam (or leather)
Construct uh, thong? lol
– velvet and craft foam

Going to stop the to-do list here for now to avoid getting myself overwhelmed. That and honestly I just want to post this and move on with my day 😛


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