Burpees and a blackberry!


Almost two weeks have passed since my last post.  Don’t worry, I’m not gonna backtrack and post all of my workouts since then.  I actually don’t have much to add, because since I started my new job, I haven’t really had the ability or time to work out on the days that I was scheduled!  I KNOW, it sucks… a lot!  But, good news…

I still lost a pound for last week. 🙂 I now weigh 154.6 lbs which means a total of roughly 21 lbs lost since January!!  It feels great!

Today was the first day I worked out in a while… maybe 4-5 days?  I took it a bit too hard and really upset my stomach, but it was a fun and energizing workout nonetheless!

Workout of the Day – 4/27/10

Warm-Up (Three Rounds):
15 sit-ups
15 back extensions
15 squats
15 120lb assisted pull-ups
15 80lb assisted dips

Workout (For Time):
15 Push-ups
20 110lb assisted pull-ups
25 dumbbell swings, 25 lbs
30 Sit-ups
35 Burpees

Time: 18 minutes.

The burpees are what killed me.  I was at 8-10 minutes into the workout, I believe, and it took another 8-10 to finish 35 burpees, lol.  For those that don’t know what a burpee is…

Here’s another fun burpee video, 100 burpees unbroken in 3 mins 54 seconds!!!

The only reps that I did unbroken were the push-ups.  Hahaha, apparently Big Dawgs can do the RX’d version of this workout completely unbroken.  Someday that’ll be me!  Hopefully~~ LOL

As I mentioned before, I had to get rid of my blonde hair.  I never realized just how pretty my dark brown hair was until doing both extremes (natural to blonde, blonde back to natural)!!!  The blonde is still kinda peaking through now to where it looks like I have natural highlights, lol, but I’m scheduled for a touch-up appointment a week after my birthday (OMG I’m gonna be 21?!? Wtf…) next month!

You have to admit… natural looks best 😉

In other news… work is fun, for now.  Apparently, according to everyone else that’s been there for at least 6 months, it will stop being fun haha.  I can see how that’s true, but I’ve been so desperate for a job, I couldn’t care less to be honest!  It’s actually really interesting… in a couple of weeks, projectors are going to be all digital and 35mm film is going to be obsolete.  I’m hoping to get trained for the projection booth eventually, but it’s a long process~~ for now it’s just concessions and ushering (cleaning/ticket drop).  I won’t get trained for Box Office until June or July!  *whine* Ah well.. what can ya do?!

I also finally got a phone contract in my name (it’s been in my mom’s name this whole time~) with t-mobile… and got a free BlackBerry Curve to go along with it!!  It should be here by the end of the week… I’m a big kid now, guyz! LOL


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