Updates + new job!


Hey all!  Hope everyone’s had a good week!  Mine’s pretty fantastic, even with the incident with my grandmother.  She’s doing a lot better now, by the way!  Nothing too serious, just a cracked rib and the shoulder she had rotatorcuff surgery on is pretty much shot.  She’s just a diabetic who doesn’t really take care of her diabetes as well as she should, which is still a big deal, but now she’s doing what she needs to do to take care of herself.  I’m just glad she’s okay!

Also, on Wednesday, I had an interview with AMC 20 (a movie theatre chain here) and got hired!!  I’ll be working concessions and as an usher!  My first day of training is this Sunday.  I’m so happy!  It’s not necessarily part or full-time, just kind of all over the place, but I’m sure I’ll figure out what kind of hours to expect at the end of this week.

However… due to some “wardrobe” requirements of my new job, I have to get rid of my blonde hair!  *weep* Technically, I could keep it, but the rule is that I have to have a “solid” hair color, and it’d cost waaay TOO MUCH money to maintain the blonde enough to keep it solid.  SO, back to being a brunette!  I’m doing this tomorrow (ergh.. today.. I should start sleeping at normal hours instead of blogging LOL), I’ll be sure to take pics and share them with you guys!  I’m only a little bummed since I was looking forward to trying out all the spectrum of colors, going from the blonde back to my natural hair color over time, but oh well — I’d rather have a job right now.  I also had just purchased the John Frieda Sheer Blonde shampoo that removes brassy tones… it works, too, by the way!  I suppose now I’ll find a friend to donate it, too, since I definitely won’t have any use for it after tomorrow HAHA!

Now, on to the past couple days of my working out!

Workout of the Day – 4/13/10

Warm-Up (Three rounds):
15 sit-ups
15 back extensions
15 squats
15 110lb assisted pull-ups
15 110lb assisted dips

Maxed out on bench press, 75 lbs
30 second handstand holds, 3 reps
30 second L-sits, 3 reps
500m row, 2:32 time

April 13th was technically a rest day, but since we had missed the day before, Jonathan and I decided to go up to the gym to just do the warm-up and mess around with some other exercises for fun.  My bench max has increased by 10 pounds since the last time I tried, which was about a month ago, give or take… I tried really hard to do 85 lbs, but I just couldn’t get it more than halfway up! I’ll try again soon!  I also increased my strength & stamina on my handstand holds and can consistently do 30 seconds now.  My 2minutes 32seconds time on my 500 meter row was a new personal record, also

Workout of the Day – 4/14/10

Warm-Up (Three rounds):
15 sit-ups
15 back extensions
15 squats
15 120lb assisted pull-ups
15 120lb assisted dips

“The Filthy Fifty” (for time):
20 box jumps, 10 inch box
20 100lb assisted pull-ups
20 dumbbell swings, 20 pounds
Walking lunges, 20 steps
20 sit-ups
20 push press, 30 pounds
20 back extensions
20 dumbbell thrusters, 10 pounds
20 burpees
20 jump rope jumps

This workout was INSANE!!!  But so much fun!  I completed it in about 28-30 minutes, I believe.  The reason why it’s called “Filthy Fifty” is because the “Big Dawg” scaling (the weights/reps they post on the main page, aka as RX’d) has you do 50 reps of each exercise.  I do the “Puppies” scaling.  Jonathan usually does “The Pack” and his required reps were 35.

Workout of the Day – 4/15/10

We skipped this day.  I don’t remember why, my days have been kind of blurred together, hahaaa!

Workout of the Day – 4/16/10

Warm-Up (Three rounds):
15 sit-ups
15 back extensions
15 squats
15 110lb assisted pull-ups
15 110lb assisted dips

If you haven’t been able to tell yet, I kind of mess around with my warm-up based on what the WoD requires for that particular day.  I’ll make it harder if it’s not too demanding, I take it a little easy if I know it’s going to be rough.  My warm-up by itself is already leagues beyond what I used to do and what most people do for their actual workouts, so I don’t feel like I’m cheating myself at all by changing its difficulty day-to-day.

Four rounds (for time):
Row 500 meters
Rest 3 minutes

R1: 2:35, R2: 2:30, R3: 2:33, R4: 2:26

Felt really good after this workout, even though by the 300m mark on the last round, I felt like dying!  My damn lungs.  Definitely made a new personal record though for my 500 meter row.  2:26!  Time to improve upon that and try to get it around the 2 minute mark.  I hadn’t eaten, either, before this workout… so imagine “what I coulda’ done on a couple o’ steaks.”  Props if you recognize the movie that quote is from


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