Joining the bandwagon!


Courtesy of this thread on the BlizzCon forums, a bandwagon of blogging and weight loss has started, and I figured I’d join in.  It’s convenient since I’m just back in the game from a 5 day break… on Monday, I got 4 wisdom teeth removed, and today was the first day I was up to par enough to work out!  Our goal is to lose our desired amount of weight before BlizzCon (October 22nd & October 23rd) in healthy ways (no crash dieting!).  As you know I’ve been doing my own diet and exercise since January, but I love to be a part of stuff like this and of course, a large support group is never a bad thing!  Even with all the research I’ve done, I’ve learned a couple of things already. 🙂

If you’ve come to this blog via the BlizzCon forums, I post about my life and interests in addition to diet and exercise.  Feel free to take a look around and don’t be shy — leave a comment!  🙂  Same goes to anyone else who reads my blog still haha!

Anyway, to get my journey started… the stats:

Age: 20
Height: 5’8″
Current weight: 157 lbs (was 175lbs in January)
Goal weight: 130 lbs
Weigh-in: Sunday
Daily Point Value: 22

I don’t actually count my calories since I’m on Weight Watchers as well, so until then I’ll use my point values.  Refer to this post if you’re interested in deeper details about Weight Watchers… otherwise, for reference, I get 22 points a day, 35 weekly points, and then a variable amount of “activity” points a week.

My goal weight of 130 is a basic goal and it doesn’t take muscle gain into consideration.  It’s more of a guideline and something to shoot for.  My other, important goals: be able to do a strict pull-up, get a six pack (probably not by BlizzCon… six packs are srs bsns), increase my strength, balance, and flexibility, run a 5k. 🙂


I’ve been doing Crossfit since January, and I’ll continue to do so.  I’ll post each workout of the day that I do here (I won’t do the “as recommended”, I’ll just post the scaling I use) and my time & weight used, etc.  My workout schedule is: 3 days working out, 1 day of rest, rinse and repeat.  In July, I’ll start P90X as to finish it in the beginning of October, to really push my results and progress. 🙂 I’ll also post what I ate each day, if at the very least … my point consumption.

I’m really excited for this!  Hopefully it keeps me blogging more… prepare for daily posts! ^_^ That’s it for my stats, so I’ll go into my day behind the cut!

Workout of the Day – 4/10/10

Warm-Up (Three rounds):
10 sit-ups
10 back extensions
10 squats
10 120lb assisted pull-ups
10 120lb assisted dips

Five rounds:
45 pound Back Squat, 12 reps
Handstand holds, 20 seconds

This exercise was supposed to be for time, but I didn’t remember to keep track.  This exercise was really difficult… you do the squats, all the blood rushes to your legs, then you go and do a handstand and all of that blood rushes to your head.  If I got up too quick from the handstand, I easily could’ve passed out!  First three rounds I did 20 seconds, then 26 seconds, then finished off with a 28 second handstand hold.  Really intense … but fun. 🙂 I could’ve done more weight on my squats, it only got difficult at the last couple reps each round.


Today was a bit of a splurge day.  I had a Chipotle burrito and small blizzard from Dairy Queen as a treat to myself.  On Monday, I reached my 10% goal.  Also, the following 5 days, I barely ate anything due to my teeth… the blizzard was a mistake as my stomach was upset the rest of the day, but the burrito was yummm!  It’s really not that bad of a meal either, health wise!

Tomorrow (technically today, I suppose) is weigh-in.  =)  Hopefully I haven’t lost too much extra weight again this week!


9 Responses to “Joining the bandwagon!”

  1. 1 oogiekins

    130 seems like you’d be underweight for that height!

    I’m 5’3 and 130lbs is my healthy weight range. Please don’t over work yourself. At your height, you’re going to look like a twig, or possibly be unhealthy.

    • 130 – 160 are the healthy “BMI” ranges for 5’8″. As I said, 130 is something to shoot for since it doesn’t take muscle weight into consideration (it’s actually probably impossible for me to be 130 with the muscle I have now). But, 130 is what I used to be before being at 175, so that’s why I picked it.

  2. 3 jaems

    5ks aren’t too hard to run. @ a 10 m per mile pace, everything is pretty pie. But if you are in miserable shape like me the laziness complicates things. If you need running advice and such jaems used to be cross country/track runner b4 she started gamin.

    • I’m not so much in miserable shape anymore as it is my asthma. >_< I need an inhaler, I don't have one atm, so it really limits my running 😦 Being more active with my strength training has helped a lot though!

  3. Asthma does tend to get in the way and make things harder. You really need to make sure to warm up first and don’t over exert yourself at the beginning. It will probably also take more “long-term” building up to get your lungs in better shape, so I would say it would be a lot easier for you to go for lower heart rate longer work outs (and those are better for you anyways).
    I don’t know how attached to running you are, but machines are actually better for you in the long term. I run because it gets me the best results but I know it is going to mess me up down the road (it kills your knees), machines are much less straining.

    I was going to post what oogie beat me to, that 130 is underweight, but it seems you aren’t going to be super-strict on that (I assume you won’t starve yourself if a healthy body weight after long term exercise ends up being around 140).

    • I’m not too attached since I’ve never enjoyed it, but doing a 5k at least once I think would be quite the accomplishment. I rowed a 5k a month or so ago, so that’s why I’ve set up the running goal. But, like you said, since running is so bad for your joints, that’s a reason I’m not so attached to it.

      Yup ^_^ 130 was just something to put up under goal weight since I didn’t have much of a numerical goal in mind. I really need to stop being lazy and take my measurements & track it that way! Thank you guys, though, for being concerned making sure I didn’t shoot for something unhealthy ♥ Definitely appreciative and now I know I can count on ya’ll if I go down the wrong road =)

  4. YOU’RE SO TALL! *jealous* haahaa

    Good luck with everything! I’m pulling for you!!!!

    Yea, sometimes splurges end up being all day regrets :(! You can afford it diet-wise and it tastes great but your healthy stomach rejects it completely! Haahaa!

    • Aww XD I’d gladly share some of my height with you!!

      Thank you so much! ♥

      Yeah @_@ My healthy stomach still loves cheesecake though, LOL.

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