Gaga’s Birthday, Macy’s Interview


Today (technically yesterday… whatever!) was Lady Gaga’s birthday!  If you’re a little monster, it was truly a magical day for all of us.  She read our birthday message, she watched the YouTube video some little monsters helped create, she tweeted, she talked to us on the site… it was truly amazing.

I can’t even begin to say describe how I was feeling.  It was unreal.  I was just frozen, staring at the screen.  Gaga truly inspires me: love for myself, love for others, my fashion, my art… she’s absolutely amazing and you won’t really understand unless this woman has captivated you as she has so many others.

If you aren’t a fan by now, there’s not a lot I can do to even try to “convert” you!  Hopefully your heart opens up to her eventually. If you’re on the fence, just youtube some of her live / unplugged performances or the NYU “Vintage Gaga” performance!  She’s really amazing.  I can’t believe I don’t have tickets to the second leg of her USA tour… with how I responded to the stuff today, it seems silly that I’d pass up going.  😦  Maybe I’ll try to get tickets as my birthday present (May 15th)??  I don’t know..

I can’t believe I’m not asleep yet!  Tomorrow’s a busy day for me – psychiatrist appointment, working out, and my interview at Macy’s!  YUP, that’s right!!  I can has interview!! 🙂 It’s for part-time, which is fine!  If it goes well, I’ll be beside myself.  Hopefully I can get a position in the cosmetics department!!  Wish me luck guys!

This interview has extremely good timing, by the way!  BlizzCon was officially announced in Anaheim, CA for October 22nd & October 23rd.  I’m really dying for Lent to be over so I can go crazy on Facebook and get all of my group organized!  I only talk to Eric really outside of Facebook… and my phone’s been shut off for at least a month now so I can’t text or call anyone lol.  No offense to the boys, but I know if I don’t get updates from everyone, nothing will happen HAHA!   This is why you must always have at least one female friend!

Anyway, it’s good timing because if I can get this job, a lot of my stress is relieved.  I’ll have money for my Kerrigan cosplay, the trip to California, tuition payments, and perhaps even a couple tickets to Lady Gaga.  Keep your fingers crossed for me all ❤ Love you!


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