Things I Love Thursday


If you’ve been blogging for any extended period of time at all, you’ve probably seen this before.  I decided to start doing “Things I Love Thursday”  to help be more consistent with my blogging.  It’s really strange considering when I was on LJ “back in the day”, I’d update multiple times a day sometimes, not sure what happened to that….  just trying to get back into the momentum of things since I really enjoy it ^^ So.  ANYWAY!


I love tumblr and have for a while now.  It’s nice to see it getting more popular!  People find it annoying or pointless, but to me it works really well with having a blog and a twitter!  I get to share all the random things that I love in some way with anyone who’s following me ^^ You should follow me, btw, if you have one! MEGANDRINKSTEA … I follow everyone who follows me and I’m a big reblogger!

Final Fantasy XIII

For my fellow video game, RPGs, and Final Fantasy fans… FFXIII (yes, thirteen!) came out about 10 days ago.  I’ve been totally enveloped by this game (might be to blame for the lack of posts…!)!  The girls pictured are my favorite characters out of the game, with the fabulous lady on the left, Fang, being my #1.  Definitely putting them on my cosplay to do list


The Crossfit website can be found here ~~ This is what I’ve been doing at the gym, 3 days working out – 1 day of rest.  I kinda have a love-hate relationship with these workouts, but I know deep down I LOVE ‘EM!  They’re really helping me get in shape and become stronger and I just love it ^^My ex (Kyle) is a Crossfit personal trainer; he works out with Lanny (Jonathan’s best friend) and they’re becoming closer.  We’re all gonna try and be Spartans from 300 for Halloween this year! LOL We’ll see what shape we’re in about 3-4 months before Halloween, might commandeer P90-X from a friend!


Giveaways are fun.  If I had the extra money to spend on extra things or things just to giveaway, I would have my own giveaways pretty often.  There really isn’t much better than the sensation of giving someone a gift … outside of helping people in general. ^_^ If you guys like giveaways, too, which I am sure you do (cuz who doesn’t like FREE STUFF?! ), and like MARC BY MARC JACOBS… check out this Marc Jacobs bag giveaway from Couture Nerd~ 🙂 The ladies there also update about fashion (like L.A. Fashion Week) so overall it’s a nice blog to read!  It’s an authentic Classic Q Leather Bag, a pretty mauve color!  It retails for over $400 so it would definitely be quite the grab if you win the giveaway… the poster’s friend was way too kind to donate it to her giveaway.  The giveaway’s over once the Couture Nerd twitter account reaches 3,000 followers and it is also open to anyone in the world~ You can do things to get multiple entries (as I’m sure you’ve seen my entry posts on my twitter) and it can be a little time consuming, but it’s worth it don’t you think? LOL

That’s it for this week.  I watched The Cove the other day and was really moved by it, so expect a post about that soon.  Tell me what you love!


2 Responses to “Things I Love Thursday”

  1. Yay! Tumblr is awesome. It is so addictive I find myself checking it like once a minute, lol!

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