Birthdays, concerts, and make-up!


Howdy everyone!

Last Sunday was my friend Lanny’s 23rd birthday!  To celebrate, Jonathan, me, Lanny, Lanny’s dad + dad’s girlfriend, Danny & Tiffany (everyone I just mentioned except the parents are my pretty staple “hang out” crowd~~) went to this brewery in Westport’s area.  Westport is pretty much my town’s “art district” (or scene kid district for those familiar with that label) you could say; coffee houses, international markets, tea houses, indie music, that sort of thing!  It’s really a neat little area.

Anyway, the brewery had *I don’t know how many* beers made there right at the restaurant!  I’m not 21 so I couldn’t order any, but I did sip some of the glasses around the table.  Very good stuff!  Their food was delicious also, I only remembered to take a picture of our (shared) dessert, though.

Brownie sundae, anyone?
I had wanted their cheesecake but they ran out!!

Wednesday, Jon & I + my mom had tickets for the Eric Clapton and Roger Daltery concert at the Kansas City Sprint Center.  It was absolutely amazing!!!  Clapton is definitely the *BEST* guitar player to have ever lived, and to see the lead singer of The Who perform live was an absolute honor.  If you are unfortunate enough to have not heard of the two men I’m speaking of, check out these videos…

“Layla” by Eric Clapton

“Baba O-Riley” by Roger Daltrey (The Who)

Definitely one of the most rewarding concerts I’ve been to.  The most fun is probably still Disturbed back in January 2009, but that’s because it wasn’t a seated concert and I got to rock out to my heart’s content!  I’m a little rocker girl at heart haha!

Here’s what I wore and what my eye make-up looked like (My mom rolled my hair in some electric rollers, too.  It makes me feel so glamorous and Marilyn Monroe-esque due to the blonde hair haha.  If ONLY!):

Speaking of make-up, MAC recently released their Viva Glam Gaga (and Viva Glam Cyndi) lipstick, along with a make-up bag.  Both colors are absolutely gorgeous and the bag is cute, too.  I’m really tempted to buy the Gaga shade – I’m missing a light shade of pink like that and I adore Gaga, so there’s no reason not to!  Except I’m inches away from my new computer and I don’t want to be tempted to buy more of MAC’s products, HA!   (We’re also going to The Cheesecake Factory this Monday, so holding tight on to my $$$ for that~~)

Has anyone out there tried it??  If you have, please let me know what you think!  It’s 3am here now so it’s time for sleep for me~


6 Responses to “Birthdays, concerts, and make-up!”

  1. That brownie sundae looks delicious~~!~ 😀 It’s making me hungry (and I just ate, haha)! I also love the hair and Mickey T-shirt. Everyone seems to have a cute Mickey shirt, and it’s making me want one so badly.

    That Gaga shade looks nice, too. I can only buy MAC online though, since no one around here sells their products. ToT

    • Thanks 🙂 You should totally get a Mickey shirt! They’re fun to wear XD

      Aww that sucks >.< I only have a small counter (not a full store) so they don't always have everything, so I somewhat feel your pain~

  2. 3 Jen

    AWWW I’d actually really like to see Eric Clapton lve!!

    Your hair looks so good from the hot rollers! And yay for glitter!

    I tried the Lady Gaga shade. It’s a great shade, but a little glossy in case you were looking for full coverage. Other than that it’s pretty darn great!

    • Thank you!
      Clapton was great, I totally suggest it if you ever have the chance to see him ^_^

      Ty for letting me know about the lipstick. I have a few full coverage ones already so a glossy one to add to the collection wouldn’t be a bad idea~

  3. I reallyy wanted to pick up the lady gaga lipstick because I think it suits my skin quite nice.. and it doesn’t make my teeth appear extra yellow.. XD But it’s been sold out around where I live.. :[ && I’m too cheap to pay for shipping. If it’s available where you are at I sat pick it up!

  4. Mmm brownies /homerdrool LOL

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