WoW: Passing of a Titan


As noted in the title, this is a post about Blizzard’s World of Warcraft.  If these sort of posts aren’t of interest to you, feel free to skip.

I’ve played WoW on the Aggramar server since December 24, 2004.  Granted, I’ve server transferred a couple of times in the recent year, but Aggy is definitely my home.  Since November of 2004, the guild Order of the Raven has existed and held its place as first on the server until the release of Wrath of the Lich King (notable achievements: C’thun dead at 60, all but the last 3 bosses in Naxx dead at 60, M’uru phase 2 before the nerf patch).  Good members left, leadership was questionable, they lost their place as server first due to these reasons and others… all of these issues began to pile up on one another, boding bad things for the future of the guild.

They made it official, though.  “Effective 2/23/2010, Order of the Raven is retiring from 25 man progression raiding.” A very sad day for my server.  Instead, at the beginning of March, they’ll be focusing on a casual 10 man raid schedule.  I personally feel it’s a mistake, really with some effort and as long as those still there have learned from their mistakes, they could rebuild for Cataclysm.  Time will tell what happens.

(Quick foot note: I’m not in the guild currently.  I transferred back to Aggramar with intentions of rejoining them, after building a new computer.  Not sure what my plans are now.)

This raises a couple of questions.  First, where do you put the blame?  Some will say that a guild can only survive, especially at the top, for so long… honestly, I feel that it’s a cop out.  Lack of effort from leadership, mutiny-esque behavior and other poison-like attitudes will do any guild in over a course of several years.  Yes, some good members left, including myself (this isn’t me tooting my own horn, others have said this) and I will take my part of the blame in that, but no way were we the main cause, no matter how “irreplaceable” we were.

Even if the guild cannot recover, it’s definitely something to learn from.  I’ll know what to watch out for in future guilds, even future MMOs (like Star Wars: The Old Republic… can it be Spring 2011, yet? Thank you!)… avoid any personality that acts like a poison to your guild.  If they are constantly bad mouthing, but not doing anything in a constructive manner to fix things; if they are constantly throwing out threats about leaving; if they are in a powerful position (such as your guild’s progression main tank), make sure you keep them in check and they do not abuse it, among many other examples.  If someone fits the bill of any of these, do not let them in your guild; that’s all I can really say about that!

Second question.  How do you know it’s really time to stop, let something die, and move on?  In this case, I’m talking specifically about guilds, though it applies to friendships and relationships as well (hell, even your workplace!).  How do you know the decision your making really is in the best interest of its players?  I suppose you could measure it by how many guild members are unhappy.  I also know a lot of people will consider the guild’s name and reputation (reputation doesn’t really apply to relationships here); you don’t want to bury all of it six feet under while essentially beating a dead horse trying to make things work.  There is a very fine line between letting something run its course and not trying hard enough.  How can you tell the difference?

I digress.  After hearing this I felt a bit confused with my goals for the game, considering I decided to admit the fact that Aggramar was my home and continuing to server hop was a waste of my time.  As I said before, I had every intention of reapplying to Raven, but what now?  I suppose it depends on what’s left of them once the dust settles.  I want to offer a helping hand though I fear it’d be denied, because who knows — maybe they don’t want to fix themselves, however there’s no way to tell without trying.  We shall see.

This is really just me spewing out my thoughts as they come out, so don’t mind me.  I just felt it was blog worthy.  It is my blog afterall 😛


5 Responses to “WoW: Passing of a Titan”

  1. 1 Etrina

    in answer to your second question….I direct you to this other blog post :p

    If you’ve already read it – apologies :p

    • It’s np. 😛 Leaving a guild and essentially disbanding a guild do have a lot of overlap. I still question people’s effort in making things work though 😦

  2. This reminds me of what is going on in my guild at the moment. My guild is and always has been a casual guild, and since the time I joined years ago, it has gone through the same cycle. We build up our numbers and make a lot of friends, while having fun questing together and such, and then the more experienced players (usually the officers) run off to join raiding guilds, usually taking half of the guild with them. Then everyone is sad, but eventually we rebuild and the cycle continues.

    The most recent split has been the worst. This past summer we had well over 100 players, over 200 characters including alts. Most people were active. Right now? 26 accounts, 55 characters. My boyfriend, the guild leader, two other officers and I are the only active members. Recruiting is not going well, either. This is the only guild I have ever been in, and I am the second-in-command (and worked hard to get there!), but sometimes I kind of think that the time has come to just let it go, and find a new guild. =/

    I’m glad you posted this. XD I’ve been wanting to get this out to someone besides my bf, but none of my other friends speak WoW. 😛

    • 4 Megan

      Recruiting is going to be especially hard right now with an expansion coming up. I recruited for Order of the Raven during late BT/Hyjal and all of Sunwell (/wrists, it sucked) and when the last tier of content is out, it’s just really hard to find the right people. 😦

      Just have to keep your goals in mind. If rebuilding (a low process as I’m sure yo know) is okay with you, I suggest staying with the guild. If your goals are looking elsewhere or you simply aren’t enjoying your time, then it’s probably time to move on unfortunately

      I am always up for talking WoW. Priests, alts, raiding, guild running, casual-ness… I could talk forever XD

  3. this happened to every guild i joined on Draka. Finally I just left the faction and server and went to Uldum to join a progressive 25 man guild. I did up to Princes in ICC but I haven’t played since. I’m just to bored with the game lately. I’m sort of planning to move to Proudmoore to join the all girl guild and see how they are.

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