Valentine’s Day


I hope everyone’s Valentine’s Day was lovely!!  Whether it be celebrating it with the love of your life, or taking it as a day to celebrate the love for yourself, I hope you took full advantage of this wonderful holiday. 🙂 If you can’t tell… it’s one of my favorites, obviously, haha!  I’ve loved it even when I was single; I just love love!

A lot of my friends are generally anti-romance/”fairy tale” love, mostly because they are bitter about their own love lives, whether it be their SO sucks or they’re single.  That last sentence sounds incredibly blunt and harsh, but it’s true! 😦 I almost can’t stand it, personally.  I’m a romantic, I believe in true love, DisneyFAIRY TALE love even!, and it’s just such a HUUUGE downer when all my friends are bleh about happiness and such.  I’ve had multiple friends tell me my “romance will die, too” … srsly!  I don’t try to brag about my love and happiness, but I’m definitely not going to hide it!  How unfair for people to want me to, you know?? *SIGH~*

Okayokay, rant over!  Jonathan cooked dinner for me, bought me balloons and flowers, and school/office supplies.  I know I know, you’re probably saying “ugh what? School supplies?” BUT I LOVE THEM! 🙂 He even got me two! cards… (one of them calling our love a fairy tale love, ironically haahaa~) I made dessert and bought him a baby fern plant, since he loves greenery.  The card I found for him was perfect too; “You always scratch my back, bring me snacks while I watch TV” which is so true!  He makes me pb&j sammiches and other food for me all the time, so like I said, it was perfect.

(I love baby’s breath, it’s so elegant~)

(Rock lobster and homemade stuffed mushrooms!! ♥
a 5 point meal for my WW, if you’re curious~)

(Frozen Strawberry Shortcake/Layer Cake
& choco/vanille ice cream. My serving was about 5.5 pts)

The Layer Cake was really fun to make!  I’ll probably post the recipe in the next couple of days… I’ve actually thought about going more into baking and sharing my recipes/ventures on my blog.  It’d give me something steady & somewhat interesting to write about, at least!

We haven’t worked out in a couple days, so tomorrow’s going to be really tough getting back into the swing of things… 😦 But it’s for the best.  My weigh in was today and I actually gained 1 lb!  But it’s probably from muscle, since our workouts are nothing but weight lifting/strength training~  We’re going to take measurements to know for sure and just to learn our body fat %.

I digress.  Today I acknowledge and reflect on Jonathan & I.  We go together so well, and I love him so much.  We’ve really had quite the roller coaster the past 2 months or so, but the fact that we’ve stuck together and we’re both working through it makes me realize how important he is to me… even how important I am to him.  To anyone out there with relationship troubles, or perhaps feelings for an old-ex but don’t see things working: just try! It’s so easy to get & stay mad, but it’s even easier to let go and be happy~~ Really reflect on why you got along and worked for so long, and I’m sure you’ll rediscover the reasons you fell in love in the first place.  🙂  Okay… I’m off my soap box for real~


10 Responses to “Valentine’s Day”

  1. 1 Katerz

    OMG I love office supplies too! How weird? I thought it was just me. Haha. Little paperclips and funky pushpins and colored staples are way cool 😛

  2. Oh god. Ditto on the friends! The cynicism this time of year kills me. I’m the same! I grew up loving this holiday even sans boyfriends~

    School supplies FTW!!

    It really is easy to just stay mad, glad you guys worked through it 🙂

  3. I also just LOVE love and Valentine’s Day! My boyfriend Jesse always has a huge car insurance payment due at this time of the year, so he never really has money to get me anything…but he makes me the cutest cards! XD

  4. I really hate how bitchy some people seem to get too! Haha, school supplies. The smell of fresh pencils and packages of paper~

    That cake looks yummy!

    Ugh, I should probably work out sometime, but it’s hard to get myself to go do it because there are lots of things to be done. It’s easier in the summer though because then I can just go walk outside. I have been walking up 5 flights of stairs to get to my class though instead of taking the elevator, so I guess that counts for something, haha.

    I agree with what you said in the last part. My boyfriend and I have trouble sometimes like everyone else, but we always work through it! It’s worth it.

    Oh, so, I think this is really cool: We’re both named Megan, and we both like fashion, video games, and RDJ! 😀
    I also saw that you mentioned driving to Wichita in one post…I’m not from there, but I’m not very far away!

    • Agreed 100%!!

      I know how you feel, some days it really takes all of my will power just to get to the gym, even more so to stick with our workout for the day! Any little bit helps though 🙂

      Omggg, what a coincidence! XD I am actually on the Missouri side, my boyfriend had to drive to Wichita for work~

      • I feel like I don’t have much of an excuse, considering there’s a free gym within my apartment complex… >_>

        I’m actually in NE Oklahoma, but I hear about Wichita often (on the weather in the spring, haha), and sometimes people drive through there on their way to Kansas City.

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