Long time no blog


It’s been a while.  I know.  No, don’t look at me like that!  Can you blame me?  Well, maybe you could since you don’t know all the details… details meaning why I’ve been so lazy.  Okay fine, blame me.

Let’s see… a recap is in order, I suppose.  I did end up dropping out of cosmetology school; my seasonal job at Gamestop was a completely wonderful experience, but alas, there weren’t permanent positions; I’m studying for the ACT (I’ve never taken it) to prepare for Mizzou in the fall, pending on how well I do, of course; I bleached my hair; Jon and I had an extremely rough month or two in our relationship but we’re now stronger and closer than before! (“We can rebuild it!”) I found out I weighed 175 lbs (I’m 5’8″ for those now wondering my height) about 3 weeks ago and have since then gone in to super overdrive with my health and exercise (I’ll go into more detail about this later, I promise).  That about sums up my life, I suppose! 🙂

As I said, three weeks ago (give or take), I weighed myself at a friend’s house out of sheer curiosity… only to find I’m the fattest I’ve ever been in my 20 years of being!  Totally and completely unacceptable!!!  Since then, Jonathan and I have signed up for Weight Watchers and also partake in Crossfit.  Oh, and we got a membership to 24 Hour Fitness as well!  This coming Sunday will mark the beginning of the 4th week (Sunday is the day I weigh in); last Sunday, I weighed myself at 165. 🙂 10 lbs lost in the first 3 weeks, though it will slow down very soon to the typical 2 lbs a week I’m sure everyone is familiar with.  Weight Watchers is pretty easy, hard to adjust to at first of course, but definitely sustainable!  I’m impressed so far, to say the least.

Here’s a screen shot / “diagram” from Saturday, February 6th~ I’m going to explain a little bit because I can LOL!

Click to enlarge~

Click to enlarge~

1. Food/Activity Tracker – This is where you can search for foods and track your points via Weight Watchers food database. If you click on the Activity Tracker tab, I can also input any exercise you’ve done for the day. For either one you can search, or create your own (see #2)

2. Food/Activity Calculator – This is a very quick way to calculate & track food or activity points! For food, you just need calories (in a serving), fat, and fiber. To calculate activity, you need name of the workout (just for yourself really), duration, and intensity (low, moderate, high). Pretty simple and easy if I’m in a rush or can’t find the food/activity I’m looking for!

3. Points Values
A. Daily Used – pretty self explanatory; how many pts I’ve eaten so far
B. Daily Remaining – how many I have left
C. Weekly Remaining – everyone gets 35 “weekly points” that reset every weigh-in day. You can use them however you wish; every day, a special meal, or you can choose to not use them at all! (Yes, I have 6 pts left… I ate Orange Chicken from Panda Express thinking it was okay and was VERY VERY wrong!! Almost completely f@#$ed up my week :/)
D. Activity Earned – when you track activity, you get activity pts which can be used for food, which is relevant for E…
E. Activity Remaining – you can only use these for food AFTER you have depleted your weekly remaining pts. I have NEVER burned into these — you have eat pretty out of terms of the plan to get to them.

4. Favorites/Recently Added – foods / recipes you have favorited & recently added for easier points tracking

5. Healthy Checks! – pretty much a checklist for the things I should be aiming to get EVERY day. Each little bar represents a serving of that category. Not pictured: liquids (water), milk & milk prodcuts, fruits & veggies

That’s pretty much what I do every day in a nutshell… I can go into more detail about food choices and the exercising, but I’ll save that for a different post. Pleaseeee FEEL FREE to ask me any questions about Weight Watchers (or Crossfit, for that matter) and I’ll answer them to the best of my ability! I love talking about health 🙂 In fact, on cosplay.com forums I’ve been known to ramble about weightloss on a couple of the threads haha~

Right now my BIGGEST issue is patience. I’m a very “want results now” kinda girl, not so much because I’m actually impatient, but more so I get concerned it’s not working and will change or stop what I’m doing *shrug* Bad habit, I know! One thing I’m trying to learn more about is six packs … I want one. BADLY haha. They’re so complicated and from what I understand, you can’t get a six pack WHILE losing weight SOO… (you must first lose weight, then go into “maintenance” and “cut” phases) I don’t know. If anyone reading this is well-versed on the subject of six packs, feel free to educate me 😉 I welcome it with open arms!!


3 Responses to “Long time no blog”

  1. I kinda gave up on the whole weight loss thing. It makes me sad.

    • Aww 😦 It is hard, trust me. Have to find the happy medium between staying sane by rewarding yourself for reaching goals and not falling off the track~

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