The Holidays (Black Friday~)


Thanksgiving was good this year, though a bit nerve-wracking at first.  My family had dinner on Wednesday, then we were going to go to Jonathan’s grandpa’s house the actual day of Thanksgiving.  Well, we were going to take one of my family’s recipes (Asparagus Casserole).  We made it, I went to go take a shower to get ready… next thing I know, my brother is screaming and yelling at me and the kitchen is full of smoke.  Apparently when it was done baking, Jon put the dish on top of the stove … and it was still on … so the dish exploded, LOL!  In hindsight it’s kind of funny, but I was really upset at the time!  Luckily my mom had an extra casserole made up (my brother was going to take one in to work but he forgot~~!), so I still got to take something over. =)
This year was also my first time partaking in Black Friday!!!  Of course the lines weren’t as intense as they’ve been in previous, at least I’ve been told, but it was still exciting.  Jon, my friend McCain, and I pitched out in front of Best Buy at midnight.  It was SO COLD!!  Definitely need to dress warmer next year fo sho!

Black Friday Lewts

Nikon camera!

Yesss… I got a new camera finally. I felt so weird not having one for those couple months :(!!

Xbox 360 + Left4Dead 2!

Xbox 360 + Left4Dead 2!! Gamertag = yunaberry, add me ^_^

New monitor for Jon!

And a new monitor for Jonathan… his was ancient XD

Pretty good for a first timer, if I do say so myself! Once the doors were open at 5am, we were in and out by 5:30am.  =)

Afterward, Jon and I ate some ihop, so I didn’t go to sleep until about 7am or so.  Got back up at around 11am to get ready for work 😛 It actually wasn’t that bad.  I enjoyed it quite a bit, but perhaps my co-workers are to “blame” for that!

Next up is Christmas!!  Can’t believe it’s xmas time already!  I have no idea what I’m buying for anyone.  When Jon gets home in about an hour, we’re going up to the mall so I can scope and he can point some stuff out that he likes.  I want to buy him clothes to help his wardrobe 😛  I also have no idea what to buy friends…

Anyway, I should probably get out of my sleep clothes so I’m ready right when Jon walks in the door! ♥


11 Responses to “The Holidays (Black Friday~)”

  1. 1 Eric D

    EWWWWWWWWWWWW ASPARAGUS!!!?!?!?! THEY ARE DEVIL SPEAR!!!! LOL gratz on the epik lootz! sounds like an awesome time! rock on! and when I get my Xbox back ill add ya and we can get some gaming going!

  2. Haahaa the casserole!! That’s my luck too!

    Had a chance to get some xmas shopping in yet??! It’s always hard making that final decision on someone’s gift.

    • Yeah, I finally finished my xmas shopping/ideas. For a friend I’m painting him a picture, just time to finish that, lol… T_T

  3. Is it a pink camera? 🙂

  4. hurrah for the new camera!

  5. I LOVE BLACK FRIDAY! I was out at 4AM this year haha. Looks like you got some great deals PLUS IHOP! Jealous. After shopping, I went home and slept =)

  6. that is one nifty lookin camera. my mom has one like it i think. mine is like HUGE AND BULKY 😦 makes me sad.

  7. left 4 dead 2!! Have yet to play that. Looking forward to Mass Effect 2 right now.

    I have the same mousepad for my work computer LOL.

    Gamertag= se0kid (I’m on rarely..jumping between 360, ps3, and of course, WoW)

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