Alts, Faction changes…


With the announcement of Cataclysm, my boyfriend Jonathan, our friend Lanny, and myself (along with many other friends!) decided to dive back into the game again. Jonathan finds PvP a lot more appealing than PvE since it’s not as strict on his schedule and time spent in game, so we’ll probably be doing some 3v3s at 80 and beyond. Because of this, I’ve been leveling my paladin on Aggramar, and Lanny and Jonathan are leveling a DK and warrior respectively, on the realm Exodar. Yes, yet another cleave team is created! I’m sure it will be a blast though.

Extended Maintenance... :(

Extended Maintenance... 😦

I’ve been leveling Pantene (my pally) as ret, and it’s pretty fun! Surprisingly enough, she kills things a lot faster than my rogue did. It’s definitely not boring like it used to be! The maintenance yesterday put a wrench in my leveling, as both Arthas (where my priest is) and Aggramar were undergoing the extended maintenance. Arthas was finally back online at about 8:00pm or so… but Aggy didn’t make it up until much later! I was kind of peeved both my servers got it, but seeing as how the maintenance was intended to fix the “additional instances cannot be launched” issue, I didn’t mind it. I haven’t seen any talk of it on the forums, so I’m assuming the problem was somewhat fixed… let’s keep our fingers crossed!

So, what did I do with my free time? Made an alt on another server that was online, of course! To be more specific, I made one that my dear friend Eric told me he was playing on with some other people I met at Blizzcon (Crushridge, if you’re wondering). I chilled on vent with them even though my headset is missing in action, and leveled my little baby warrior Harleen (can you guess who she’s named after?)! I really enjoyed myself, I’m hoping my friends keep their interest in the game so that I can keep playing with them. A few of them mostly played Horde, which kind of threw an even bigger wrench than before into playing with them, but with the faction changes, this problem may be alleviated…

Harleen & my new UI!

Harleen & my new UI!

A few of you probably had to deal with my whineyness over Twitter when I was recreating my UI when I decided to play my paladin. Some of you showed interest in the final result, and you can kind of get a peek at it above. Here’s a link to the UI on my paladin if you want a better idea! I’ll add in my addon list if there’s enough interest, otherwise any questions can be answered over via tweets.

I’m kind of surprised with my recent symptoms of Alt-itis! I’ve started two projects within days of each other. What did you guys do with your downtime on Tuesday?

Faction Changes Are Now Active!!

That’s right, folks! Faction Changes have finally arrived! … for a steep price of $30, at least. While it’s a bit expensive, and I’m sure the price is so high to discourage abuse, it’s something that’s very tempting to me for the reasons stated earlier. Pretty much everyone I know plays Horde, and being given the option to switch over opens up a lot of opportunities for me! I’m only hesitant for a couple of reasons. I’m worried the Horde friends’ interest in the game is short-term, and as I also said before, Jonathan and Lanny are playing again, and they’re both avid-Alliance players. I’d feel like I was leaving them behind in the dust if I jumped straight away to the Horde side… but perhaps some sweet-talking can be done, eh? I’d also have to pay $25 for a server transfer, making my order cost $55 total. Really steep if I’m feeling hesitant, but we’ll see.

What about you guys? Going to the other side of the fence? Have some friends you want to play with? Or has the price left a bitter taste in your mouth? If you’re on the fence about switching like I am, make sure you take a look at what changing factions really entails below!

  • Faction Change costs $30 USD, as said before.
  • You can change factions once every 60 days.
  • You cannot change your class during the change!
  • Realm transfers are NOT included in a faction change.
  • Most* achievements will not be affected by the change!

Your faction specific mounts and reputations will transfer over as well. Check out this table that Blizzard created for more information. *Apparently there’s an issue with Argent Tournament achievements and reputation as they aren’t carrying over correctly, so be wary. If you have any further inquisitions, check out Blizzard’s Faction Transfer FAQ! To access the Faction Change options, go to your account management page and look for the following:

Faction Change

Happy gaming, whichever you decide!

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