Back from vacation…


…and I have sooo much to udpate on! 5 day cruise, our travel fiasco, 2 days of Blizzcon, and then alllll of the stuff to talk about that happened at Blizzcon. I also have a couple things in my extra personal life to mention, too. So I’m sorry ahead of time because this post will be huge. I hate huge posts, I feel like they bore the bananas out of people, but if I don’t talk about it now then I never will and that’s no fun!! I’m actually going to put Blizzcon in its own post, so if that’s what you want to read about then wait a little bit and you should see the post soon!

Caribbean Cruise ship

We went on a 5 day Carnival Cruise for Mark’s (Jonathan’s dad) 50th birthday!!! We had 2 days at sea and 2 days, one each, at the Grand Caymans (aka Tortuga) and Jamaica (Ocho Rios). I’m sure some of you heard about the hurricanes in the carribbean and near Miami, but luckily we just barely missed the bad weather. It only rained on the first day and it was beautiful weather on all the others!! The ship did get quite a bit rocky at night time, but only during a couple of dinner meals. It made some of the Reinigs feel sick, however Jonathan and I were okay.

Jonathan & I on the first night of the cruise!

Jonathan & I at dinner! ^^/

Samantha, Mark, and Brenda~

Jonathan's family at dinner~!

Dinner each night was great, it was like eating at a 4 or 5 star restaurant! We had the same waiter and busser, too, so it made dinner feel very homey even though the meals were very upscale (They knew us by name and even what we’d order for drinks/dessert!). Each night, the dining crew would sing and dance for us!! It really was a lot of fun. Other than dinner, we had two excursions for the trip, one at each port. The girls and I went to the “Bamboo Beach Club” (beach, drinks, food) in Jamaica and then the family went to Dolphin Cove & Stingray Sandbar in the Grand Caymans. There was also a casino on the boat that I could actually play in (gambling age on board was 18~) and so it was my first time gambling. Jonathan and I played roulette and won about $400!!! πŸ™‚

A view from the beach!

A view from the beach!

Me w/ a drunken coconut! It was HALF full of Jamaican rum!!

Me w/ a drunken coconut! It was HALF full of Jamaican rum!!

The cruise overall was a lot of fun. It’s definitely the right choice if you’re going to the Caribbean, but if I was going somewhere like Hawaii, I think I’d rather just go there and stay for a few days, and forgo the boat. There’s a lot more to experience that way!

Now I’m going to dive more in to my personal life… read more if you’d like, or if you want the Blizzcon post, go read that.

I’ve talked about it before, and quite a few of my friends know about it because I’ve tried to be very open about it. However, very few people understand it. I have a “severe” social anxiety disorder, mixed in with some manic-depressiveness (more mania than depression, in my opinion, but it’s whatever) and a general anxiety disorder. Pretty much, I get anxious extremely easily, most of the time it’s unnecessary, and I have a hard time coping with it. I’m aware it’s unnecessary, which is part of the disorder, which is why I can get very frustrated or uspet with the anxiety does happen! Really the anxiety part is what people don’t understand — everyone suffers from it in some shape or form so people don’t get why it’s so hard for me. It’s not like if I was schizophrenic or something… that’s not normal, so people would understand how it’s an issue.

Anyways! I’ve made a lot of progress with it, I take 2 different medicines that help it, and then a 3rd when I need it. I can be pretty good at hiding it, and it’s not that big of an issue if I’m with people I’m extremely comfortable around… but if I’m not, or I’m by myself, it gets pretty tough for me to do something. I’ve had an ongoing case with Social Security for disability/SSI since I dropped out of high school in 2007, and I finally won! I don’t know how much I’ll be getting every month, and I won’t get a check for a couple of months since it’s the government and processing paperwork takes forever, but it’s just such a huuuge weight off my shoulders. πŸ™‚

That’s all I’ve got, I suppose. Keep an eye out for the Blizzcon post if you’re interested! I also bought Arkham Asylum, and once I’m finished with it I’ll post up a review!


5 Responses to “Back from vacation…”

  1. looking forward to your blizzcon post. what was your fav. thing out there?? I think sat night was best, getting to see the wrap up of the whole convention, and then the concerts. Plus the after party to look forward too! haha

    Arkham Asylum looks totally awesome! I saw a preview for it in best buy the other day.

  2. 2 Alan

    I’m so glad to hear the SSI stuff is taken care of finally! And it sounds like the cruise was pretty kick ass πŸ™‚ I mean gambling for the first time and coming out with $400? Kick ass indeed!

    I still want to go on a cruise one of these days, and the view of the beach looked awesome πŸ™‚

    • Blizzcon post is up. πŸ™‚ My favorite thing was probably the costume contest, really! And of course playing the demos. We had to skip the after party because we had to get up extremely early the next day and it was midnight by the time we finished dinner.

      • Me too, seriously!! It’ll be a couple months before I get the first check. I guess they have to decide how far they want to back-date… if they go to when I dropped, that’ll be 2006 so 3 years worth of checks haha. O_O

        I definitely suggest it!!! Carnival is the “party” cruise, Royal Caribbean is more of a fancy kind of cruise, and Disney is just great all around. I don’t suggest doing a 7 day cruise as your first one, maybe a 2-3 day or 5 day!

      • Sweet! I’ll check your post out. Yeah the costume contest was great! There were so many great ideas on stage. I was totally amazed by the KelThuzad costume and was surprised he didn’t do better.

        Demos were awesome, to bad no beta key to play some more! QQ

        That’s to bad you missed out on the after party… maybe next year! I was bummed because my group left thinking they were kicking us out of the pool already and we all ran out to Denny’s for dinner. When we got back around midnight I think it was.. some of the council were just on their way back from the pool.

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