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Still really haven’t had time to take pictures. I’ve been sleeping 12+ hours at a time regardless of when I go to bed, sometimes even needing naps on top of that. I don’t know what’s wrong… my first instinct is to blame the anti-depressant I’m on since it’s supposed to make me drowsy anyway (it’s for anxiety as well which can be known to cause insomnia issues, so the drowsiness is in there to fight that~). I’m starting to wonder if it’s my health, though, maybe I am not eating right or I’m not being active enough to give myself energy. 😦

Speaking of the anti-depressant… it also can cause me to gain weight, on top of increasing my appetite… which well, it’s doing. I have a “before” picture of when Jonathan and I FIRST started working out back in Feb-March, and I am slimmer then than I am now. I know I’ve been WAY OFF TRACK with my diet/exericse since the end of March but seriously??? It’s depressing. My family in general is a bit on the overweight side and so I know how difficult it is to get rid of it once you have it… so I absolutely *refuse* to let this get any worse. GAH It doesn’t help that we don’t have a scale either! I need to buy one.

I don’t mean to be such a downer, hahaa~ but this is such an important issue to me. Being fit is in my “101 in 1001” goals (a six pack to be more specific, HA). Don’t get me wrong, I’m not “obese” by any means, so I do not mean to offend… but I also hate it when my friends who are unfortunately bigger than I am get mad at me for being unhappy with my weight/body shape. Is it wrong to care how I look and to care about my health?? I’m not extreme about it, I don’t weigh 100 lbs, nor do I want to! I just want to be healthy and look great, it doesn’t help that my fantasy/dream job is being a model~ so SUPPORT ME don’t call me dumb! /ENDRANT~~

So anyways, I’ve decided to be a bit more “hardcore” and serious about this than I have been. For my new diet —

No soda, period
Only fish/poultry, no red meat
Beans beans beans
Cut out candy/sugars
Related to above, eat lots of fruit/jello
Drink strictly tea & water (need to buy a diffuser for adagio teas T_T)
Oatmeal, wheat grains, etc
Smoothies / protein shakes + bars for snacks & to use extra fruit

That pretty much covers the diet, I suppose. When being healthy the diet is pretty straight forward, just eating healthy is more expensive >.< Obviously on things like pasta, I’ll make smart alternatives (like this Tofu Shirataki Noodle via Jenny!) For exercise…

The Biggest Loser DVD cardio workout (aka “Hangout w/ Bob”) 6x a week
Sun, Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs, Sat
Extra 20-minutes of walking/trampoline 4x a week
Sun, Tues, Thurs, Sat
Beginner’s Yoga 3x a week
Mon, Weds, Sat

I think that’s how I want my schedule anyway. I might talk it over with Jonathan first before it’s set in stone since he’ll probably hang out w/ Bob with me at the least. I picked Friday for our rest day since he never drives to Wichita on Friday and then there’s only a few hours between when he’s home & when it’s time for FNM (friday night magic~). Once our swimming pool is open, I’ll probably add in swimming every day just since it’s so easy yet such a great workout!

We are going grocery shopping tomorrow, not much since we are short money this week, but I always enjoy going to the store regardless to scope out things. It’s 3am which totally goes against this whole new health plan so goodnight!!


6 Responses to “Hardcore health&fitness”

  1. 1 Alan

    Look forward to hearing about your progress with the workouts and diet 🙂 You have my full support as always!

  2. 2 Jen

    It’s really frustrating when medication has that side affect.

    I heard the no red meat thing helps A LOT. Have you thought of taking iron supplements? It can assist with the fatigue.

    MMMmmm loose tea leaves are SOOO superior!! hope you get that diffuser soon!

    It IS more expensive! It’s so unfair! Chips shouldn’t be cheaper than apples damnit >(

  3. 3 Caitlin

    You should post more, *nudge nudge*

  4. 4 Eric D

    as far as the six pack aspect if not adapt the whole p90 program just do the ab ripper x… its killer

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