Not one for quickies, but…


I just wanted to do a quick update. Jon and I have been busy watching Season 7 of 24, Magic, him working, me trying to make money and costumes.. blah blah blah!

I got tickets for Jonathan and I to Blizzcon 2009! I’ll be going in costume this year, too, as I said before. I changed my mind and I decided to go with the concept art for the wizard class from Blizzard’s upcoming game, Diablo 3. I haven’t started on it AT ALL and so I’m very stressed out about this since time is pretty limited.

My clothes came in that I ordered from American Eagle… but, as I’ve been busy, I haven’t had time to take pictures of them. I’ll post pictures of what I got as soon as I can!!! I promise. I also have pictures from a 38 Special, Styx, and REO Speedwagon concert that I went to with Jonathan and his family, but I’ve just been too busy to upload them from my camera 😦

Speaking of pictures… I’ve been trying to get back in to photography. I still own my Nikon N75 from high school, which I know seems kind of outdated when compared to the D40, BUT, it’s all that I’ve got. I don’t have a job, and finding a job right now is pretty impossible, so I was turning to photography as kind of a side-hobby I could make money out of. I’ve been suggested a couple of methods…

1) Selling stock photos at websites like and, where I get a few cents when people download my photos to use.
2) Domain and something like a nice WordPress template + ZenCart to sell my own photos. Make prints and mail them.
3) Then of course, selling services as an (amateur >.<) photographer.

I’m not sure which direction I want to go in. It’s possible to do all 3, of course, but I just don’t want to overwhelm myself. I’m really just desperate to get some sort of income, but I refuse to do something I’m not going to enjoy so that’s why I’m resorting to making $$$ out of a hobby. What do you guys think? I’ve got a roll of film ready to develop so I’ll try and get some examples up soon.

I was going to talk about some tea that I ordered (from Adagio) and upload some pictures, but Firefox keeps crashing each time I try to use wordpress’s image uploader, so I give up. It’s 6pm already and I haven’t felt like much has been accomplished. SIGH, I hate mondays!!


2 Responses to “Not one for quickies, but…”

  1. 1 Jen

    I look forward to the Adagio “review!” I love that store though I haven’t ordered from them since last year ;__;

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