Skin Care + AE


This past week and weekend have been pretty relaxed~ as I stated last blog, Friday we saw Wolverine. Saturday my boyfriend went to a concert with Lanny and his dad, a Cake concert! Their music is a bit different, but look them up on Youtube if you want to have a listen! Below is probably my favorite song by them:

Before he went to the concert, we went to Independence Square to GameCafe to look for a couple of cards for my Magic deck (need a playset of Identity Crisis and Zealous Persecution for B/W tokens!!) Apparently President Harry Truman’s birthday was being celebrated (he lived here in Independence, MO for those not in the know!) that day, so there were lots and lots of people walking around! We decided to get some ice cream (chocolate fudge brownie sundae from Clinton’s!!! :)) and ran into Jonathan’s boss from work, LOL awkward! Apparently Independence is a “very interesting” city… kinda odd to hear but I guess it’s not interesting to me since I’ve lived here all my life! 😦 I’d LOVE to live on one of America’s coasts since they are much more fashion trendy~~ I guess living here lets me be a trend setter if I copy west/east coast & overseas fashion!

Speaking of fashion! I’ve been looking around A LOT at different websites, keeping up on some of the spring/summer trends and getting some ideas of what clothing items I may want for my 20th birthday. I reuinted myself with American Eagle! I always forget about this brand since I don’t go to the mall much anymore, but all their clothes are so LOVELY!! ♥♥♥

AE Boardwalk DressMilitary Vest

Oversized off-shoulder AE SweaterAE Cross-Back Dress

AE Ring DressAE Blouson T

Aren’t they cute??? They even sell a couple of rompers, but… I have no idea how to wear them LOL 😦 Another cute site/brand I’ve found is LuLu’s, but they can be a bit on the expensive side!!

This weekend we’re going to try and see Star Trek on an iMAX screen!! It’s going to be great. I’m not a Trekkie by any means, but, I know it will be a good movie from a movie watcher’s perspective! It’s great because the actor who plays Spock also plays a character in 24 and also in Heroes! So excited, haha!

Yesterday I went grocery shopping with my mother and picked up a few skin care items:

grocery store haul~ lol#1 Neutrogena Pore Refining Cleanser; #2 ANDREA Anti-Aging Mask; #3 Dove Pro-age Night Cream; #4 Olay Age-Defying body wash; #5 Neutrogena Anti-Blemish Anti-Wrinkle cleanser, #6 Softsoap Shea Butter Beads hand soap

I haven’t tried the mask yet, and the Dove night cream jar was BROKEN!! when I opened it, but the other 3 products are marvelous so far! The Shea Butter hand soap makes my hands feel so soft when I wash them~~ no lotion needed! 🙂 The anti-blemish and anti-wrinkle cleanser works really well, too. The only one I’m kinda iffy about so far is the pore refiner, doesn’t seem like it does much. Oh well. I’ll need to give it more time

I leave you with an adorable slide of my labrador Achilles 🙂

so cuuuute~~~!!

I forgot to mention!!! NYX Cosmetics is having a 50% sale on everything until May 15th for their 10th Anniversary, so if you’re a make-up fan like me, buy buy buy!!!


2 Responses to “Skin Care + AE”

  1. 1 Jen

    AE’s spring stuff is SO cute this year! I took a look at their rompers too, really nice quality. You should pick one up! They’re great on super hot summer days.

    :O I wanted to see Star Trek in iMax but we decided to wait for Transformers 2 instead.

    Thanks for the NYX info!!!

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