Children's Week, Wolverine, Bday!


I need to make more of a habit out of updating this thing, lol! Sorry 😦

Well, today is the first day of the beautiful month of May (not biased at all!!) thus World of Warcraft’s Children’s Week has started.  It’s one of the more roleplay oriented Holidays WoW has, since it’s purpose is to give back to “the orphans of the war.” I’m not enough of a lore buff to know which war it’s referring to, but regardless it’s a fun holiday! You get a “pet orphan” to take with you all over the world for sight-seeing and adventures, oh and of course ACHIEVEMENTS!! (aka nerd points)

First of May also means it’s *OPENING DAY* of X-Men Origins: Wolverine!

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine *YUM*

Jonathan and I went to see the midnight showing of it last night (since he’s driving to Wichita today~ sigh..). Hugh Jackman makes a perfect Wolverine and he’s a great actor, but I probably wouldn’t see the movie again (unless I want to see Hugh Jackman run around naked, LOL) I just felt the director could’ve done better with it, but it’s also the same director who made the X-Men: The Last Stand and don’t even get me started on that…

What else does it mean that it’s the beginning of May?? 15 days until my birthday, my friends! I’m going to be TWENTY!!! Agh. It’s such a weird feeling! I don’t feel like I’m 20 years old, AT ALL. Oh well~~ Jonathan has been bugging me about what I want, and there’s so much that I want and not much at all at the same time! Does that even make sense? There isn’t anything in particular I’ve just been DYING to have, just a bunch of “small” things I want for myself; clothes, accessories, hair/skin care stuff, and a video game here and there. I mean, I still kind of want a new camera (no idea which kind to get! ToT;; I currently have a Sony Cybershot 7.2mp) and I definitely want a new scanner (clueless here, too, any advice??) so I can scan in some stuff from my magazines/catalogues. Both of those items are pretty expensive so I don’t mind if they get put off. I REALLY REALLY just want some clothes for the rest of spring/summer and some clothes for the fall. My closet & wardrobe are pretty bare for a girl who’s into fashion… I should really just make a wishlist, I guess, so I can mark things off one at a time, HA~

Stop here unless you want to hear me talk about my anxiety/SSI~~

I’m kind of keeping this vague since I’m somewhat insecure about it, but I just wanted to share a little bit for I guess “anxiety awareness” and maybe there’s someone with the same problems as me reading my blog and it can serve to be comforting or whatnot.

I met with my SSI attorney about 3-4 days ago. He’s really nice (kind of straight to the point but I don’t mind that in people~) and helpful. He’s told me that I present really well in an interview so it’s hard to tell that there’s something wrong, that + my medical record being so thin doesn’t really help. BUT, I’ve finally come to terms with the idea of therapy, so I’ve got an appointment on May 6th. Also, the Magic tournaments I’ve gone to have been really helpful~ approaching people or making small talk is pretty easy now (well, perspectively). Hopefully things will get better&easier from here on out.


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