Recap of the week + weekend plans


Guess I should add in a substantial post here, huh? 😛

I had my Social Security “psychoanalysis” on Tuesday for my anxiety.. it was very very stressful. 😦 Looking back at it, I feel a bit better. The psychiatrist gave me some advice for future therapy and he seems to understand why the idea of therapy is such a big deal to me. Therapy is looking more realistic in my future which is great since I have it on my 101 List. I’m very hopeful as far his perspective goes… I have the court hearing Friday morning, I won’t know for sure until then and even THEN I have to wait up to 30 days probably to get the final verdict. GAH!!! Cross your fingers for me… please! ♥

I’ve been listening to BoA a lot lately. I knew about her when I was soso young, but I didn’t really follow her as much as I ended up following Gackt♥ etc. I got her American album “BoA” as well as her Japanese Best Hits.

BoA's USA Album Cover
Honestly, comparing her Japanese/Korean hits to her American album… the American album is unsatisfying. 😦 I feel like she strays away from herself just to fit in with American trends. I think she would do much better keeping her Japanese/Korean style! However, the dancing in her “Eat You Up” and “I Did It For Love” singles is superb regardless. 🙂 She’s so great at dancing! “Hypnotic Dancefloor” is probably my favorite off her American album, but “永遠” (Eien/eternity) off the Best Hits is FANTASTIC~!!

(edit: the video got removed :(, click here for the PV –

Saturday morning, Jonathan and I are driving out to St. Louis for a decent size Magic the Gathering tournament on Sunday~~ first place gets $500 cash!! or a Black Lotus — for all the non-MTG nerds…it’s a rare and $$$ card! — We have plans to be tourists during the day on Saturday (definitely getting sushi!!!), stay in a hotel Sat. night, tournament during Sunday, then stay in a hotel Sun. night, do anything extra mebbeee on Monday, then drive back home!

This weekend is going to be SO BUSY~ for me. I don’t mind though, I like having stuff to do and talk about.  I definitely need to pack tomorrow. I’ll be sure to take pictures and blog about whatever we do when we get back from St.L! 🙂


2 Responses to “Recap of the week + weekend plans”

  1. 1 Frankl

    You know, i’m not usually into asian chicks…but she’s pretty damn hot haha. And she can sing too! Must look into this more…

    And i’m kinda sad i can’t go out to that tournament =(. And take the prize in all my nerd glory. *Le sigh*

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