Journey Through Cataclysm is an itty bitty installment on my blog where I’ll post and share my favorite screenshots. 聽Candid photos, raids in action, even photo ops set up on purpose or beautiful views tweaked in photoshop! I’ll be sharing them one at a time; hopefully you’ll enjoy them, too. 馃檪


Journey Through Cataclysm is an itty bitty installment on my blog where I’ll post and share my favorite screenshots. 聽Candid photos, raids in action, even photo ops set up on purpose or beautiful views tweaked in photoshop! I’ll be sharing them one at a time; hopefully you’ll enjoy them, too. 馃檪

Deepholm.Deepholm, outside Throne of Therazane.
Click the image for a 1680 x 1050 wallpaper.

Now we’re on to Day 2 of the 20 Day World of Warcraft challenge!

Favourite race and why?

I’m not really into racing… Oh, wrong context.
Weirdly enough, I feel myself actually having a harder time with this question than I do the class question. 聽I know it doesn’t make much sense, I can’t really explain it either, but let’s work through it.

My main is a human, a lot of my alts are human, my original character was human (all of my friends wanted to be humans). 聽This, however, is a rather boring choice in the land of a fantasy MMO. 聽I’m a human in real life, and while I do love my fellow man, when it comes to World of Warcraft — they simply aren’t #1. I do have my Stormwind City pride, of course, but that’s mostly due to actually playing a human than it is the humans being my favorite. 馃槈

I hate gnomes. They’re creepy and annoying. Seriously! I don’t know if it’s just the server I play on, but the majority of the gnomes I run into just look like very small, bald, old men. 聽It’s weird, I’m sorry! Dwarves have slowly begun to grow on me, perhaps due to interacting with them in D&D; their drunken fits are, honestly, quite entertaining. Orcs, trolls, and goblins (seriously, these are just GREEN small, bald men to me — creepy & annoying Edit: Since typing this post, I’ve looked into the goblins more — they’re cool :P) don’t particularly suit my fancy either. Not saying they’re terrible, but of course not my favorite!

This leaves draenei, worgen, tauren, undead, and blood elves. 聽Looking at these final 5 (teehee Galactica references ftw!), I can definitely narrow it down to worgen and tauren. 聽I’ve always loved the tauren; tauren females are absolutely adorable and both genders seem very warm-hearted. 聽I love their聽temperaments. 聽To me, the worgen are Alliance’s version of the beloved tauren, however since the worgen are new, I’ll exclude them.

Taurens definitely win it for me.


Late post, and I’m even posting with my phone since I’m currently at GameCafe playing D&D and playtesting Elfball combo for a tournament this Saturday, but still within the time limit regardless!

Day 3 – Favorite NPC

This is actually quite easy and it’s going to be a very short answer. Banker Almeida in Dalaran. Why?

Tony Almeida from 24. 馃槈

The infamous meme has made its way to my blog. I figured it’d guarantee something for the next 20 days, plus memes are always fun! It may or may not help take the edge off the stress of shooting for Realm First Level 85 Priest … (yes, I did just say I’m shooting for it!) This meme came to me courtesy of Jaedia and Chris, so props to them! According to Jaedia, the origin can be linked to Specced For Drama, but it seems it originally came from a random tumblr post… oh the joys of tumblr and its memes. 馃檪

Day 1 — Favorite class and why?

I think I just like to pretend this is a hard question, what with my altoholic tendencies and all. 聽The majority of my playtime comes from my priest, although I was originally a rogue. 聽I love my rogue dearly, but at the top of BC, it was impossible for me to find a guild as a rogue. 聽I swear to you! 聽None of the guilds on my server were recruiting rogues. 聽Fortunately for me, I had a priest sitting around lvl 62, when my now-best friend alerted me to the top guild having openings for healers. We powered my priest up to 70 and that sealed my rogue’s fate (no pun intended).

I digress. 聽I suppose I’ll go with priest. 聽I love healing so it seems obvious, especially with a priest being my main. 聽While I’m not on an RP server, I kind of RP with myself when it comes to my priesty. 聽I love the idea of being a priest, this divine follower and caster; a leader to the people, curing the sick, healing the wounded. 聽Benevolent to a fault. 聽Now if you want to talk mechanics… I think priests are the best. 聽I love their ability to be flexible; tank healing, raid healing, PVP tanking, shadow damage boom boom? You want it, I got it! *flex*


Farewell, beautiful Dalaran.

Farewell, beautiful Dalaran.

Cataclysm is less than two days away!! 聽I’ve been prepping for the new expansion by farming Justice Points for heroic level gear and heirlooms for my Worgen alt, hoarding cooking rewards, and having dailies ready to be turned in when I log in at midnight (one of few perks to living in the midwest, I suppose!). 聽I’ve also made a gear list / spreadsheet for my disc priest, my main, for the gear I’ll be shooting for heading in to the beginning Cataclysm raids.

I’ve made the following list keeping in mind the following priority on stats:

  1. Intellect, intellect, intellect: get as much as possible
  2. Spirit: only items with spirit should be considered
  3. Haste, Crit, Mastery: one isn’t better than the other for Disc, so aim for a balance

With that said, onto the list! 馃檪











Finger 1

Finger 2

Trinket 1

Trinket 2

Main Hand

Held-In-Off Hand



Minus a couple reputation rewards, this is what I’m gonna be shooting for once I hit level 85! Please don’t take this as the end all be all; if you’re a lost little disco looking for a gear list to check out, then feel free to use mine as a guide, but don’t be surprised if you’re a veteran disco like me and your list looks a bit different. 馃檪 Feel free to share any input! Good luck with everyone’s Cataclysm prep!

I already shared this in my previous post, but I figured it was worthy enough to have its own post. This is completely tentative and really only for my benefit, but feel free to butt in to meet-up or comment about other gatherings, etc to let me know in case I forgot about them.

Edit: Blizzard released the official BlizzCon schedule. Click here to view it.
BlizzCon Schedule

10:30am-ish: Arrive in L.A. and meet up with Preston.
路 Check-in to the hotel, claim bed, get settled, and find noms.
8-10pm: Pick up badges – aka as late as possible to avoid lines.
7pm: Cosplay Meet Up!
7am: Wake up to do cosplay prep and help Chad/Heather with theirs.
路 Noms breakfast at some point.
10:30am: Go to ACC. No lines, walk straight in.
路 Con it up. Harass booths. Cosplay contest, photoshoot, etc.
9pm: AIMCON Dinner. Drinking. Friend hang out time. Let鈥檚 do this.
路 Don鈥檛 wake up at 8am. Noms. Still walk right in avoiding the lines.
路 Con it up. Harass booths, specifically Razer, Intel, Cryptozoic (as much as I want to avoid that place like the plague), etc.
9pm: Pre-pre-screening for at 9pm 鈥 drinks!
路 Pre-screening at 10pm. Head to the Hilton After-party around midnight, perhaps?
路 Add more nomming in there at some point and more drinking and having a good time.

路 Wake up around 10am.
路 Disneyland? Not sure on the status of this yet.
路 Noms, venture around if Disney.
路 Noms, go to airport and go home if no Disney.

My flight to BlizzCon is officially 20 days away. Where did the time go? It’s so hard to believe that it’s already here! Coscom is booming with progress pictures and the BlizzCon forums are being attacked with “Where’s my barcode?” questions. Ahh, Blizzcon season… gotta love it, yes? 馃槢

Everything is falling into place. Traveling plans wise, at least. My mom offered to pay for our hotel costs (Jonathan and I that is) so that allowed me to actually purchase tickets to Los Angeles on United! It’s been quite a while since I’ve had guaranteed seats on a plane… I’ll probably still be stressing out about space available! lol My mom did it to give us peace of mind, too, so go figure. 馃檪 We did have to purchase one ticket from a scalper for one of us in the group, and I’m rather worried about that, too. Hopefully they are a decent human being. :\

Sunday is the only day kind of up in the air for BlizzCon. If my group actually decides to go to Disneyland ($75 for one-day, eek) and Jon & I decide to tag along, that affects how long we’ll be in California. If not, we get to come home early and enjoy extra days off from the responsibilities of life while enjoying the comforts of home. 馃檪

Ysera is still in the works. With work (which is still going well, by the way), school (which is going swimmingly), and just never finding myself with the extra money to put into the costume, she’s still in the planning stages, essentially. I decided I’d make a to-do list and just go down the list to help streamline the process of finishing her.

To Do List:

Construct horns
– wire mesh, expanding foam, paperclay/papermache
Mold and cast gems
– resin, sclupey, LEDs
Construct top
– velvet, beading, craft foam (or leather if time and $ permits)
Construct gloves
– velvet, craft foam (or leather)
Construct uh, thong? lol
– velvet and craft foam

Going to stop the to-do list here for now to avoid getting myself overwhelmed. That and honestly I just want to post this and move on with my day 馃槢

To bring everyone up to date, my video card fried and so I’ve been without a computer for a week or two.. Conveniently enough time for me to get accustomed to my blackberry first. 馃槢 Unfortunately this means even more sporadic posts, sorry ;/

We’ve been playing MTG again as well, in addition to taking care of our now 8 week old labrador puppy 馃檪 We named her Aphrodite. Attached a photo of her at the end of the post. Isn’t she just adorable?! She’s already learned her name and slowly working on becoming housebroken. Labradors are amazing~ 馃檪 馃檪

I finally made a decision on my cosplay for BlizzCon! *Anveena Teague* from the Sunwell lore. She’s simple, but hopefully that means I can get her dead on accurate (first), then add on my own embellishments. 馃檪 Kerrigan is still on the to-do list, but she’s going to be an ongoing project. =)

Yup, I’m posting from my new blackberry curve! Trying to see if I like mobile blogging at all ~ if I do, I might make a keitai (cellphone) blog over at 馃檪 We’ll see!聽 Gonna tag these posts from my PC as “mobile” for anyone’s future reference~

Work has been fun so far. Coworkers are fun, but management is questionable apparently. I won’t go into any more detail about it, but based on what I’ve heard from the other employees, the previous management was just a lot more fun to work with. 馃槮 Oh well.. As long as the coworkers are fun, that’s enough for me! =D

Don’t you hate it when you fall off the wagon for about a week or so?? It’s soo hard to get back on track 馃槮 Hope everyone is doing well 鉂

Here’s a couple pictures off my phone.. 馃檪 It’s just a picture of me I took after work today and some Freddy / Iron Man doodles on a movie schedule lol 馃槢

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

As much as I hate that the NDA for Cataclysm’s alpha has been violated, I can’t help but just get even more excited for this expansion than I already am!!!聽 Everything looks great and I really can’t wait to explore the new Azeroth, level up in new zones and see the new dungeons.聽 My boyfriend is getting burnt out on WOW since we took up Magic: The Gathering again… he’s also really anticipating the Star Wars MMO, so I might end up by myself for Cataclysm 馃槮 I’m really hoping I can convince my boyfriend to stick around a little~~

For my fellow WOW players… I must ask this question: Worgen or goblin!聽 Worgen here, because I’m an animal lover (not a furry Twilight fan… no offense!) and of course a die-hard Alliance player.聽 馃檪


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